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Help for Go Buy Local Customers

How does Go Buy Local work?

How do I get Go Buy Local in my town?

I can't find my community

How do I use my free offers?

How do I see my donations?

How do I see if my offers and donations are approved?

How do I change my nonprofit?

How do I add a school or cause?

Why can’t I print multiple or make copies of the same offer?

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Help for Go Buy Local School and Cause Partners

How does my school or cause earn donations?

Why should I use Go Buy Local for MyNonprofit?

Where do I sign up my school or cause?

How do I see donations MyNonprofit has earned?

How do I share weekly offers to earn more donations?

How do I find offers and donations to share on MyNonprofit’s social sites?

How does Go Buy Local work for MyNonprofit’s supporters?

Get Go Buy Local’s MyNonprofit toolkit.

What’s inside MyNonprofit toolkit?

How do you share MyNonprofit’s story?

How do I find MyNonprofit’s press release?

Where can I get posters and flyers?

How do I give MyNonprofit’s supporters easy access to offers and donations?

Do you thank MyNonprofit’s supporters for earning donations?

Get the FAQ on Go Buy Local for MyNonprofit.

View Go Buy Local for MyNonprofit terms.

Help for Go Buy Local Partners

Why advertise with us?

How do I sign up to advertise?

Where do I get the MyBusiness app?

How does the MyBusiness app work?

How do I approve mobile offers?

How do I approve print offers?

How do I disapprove an offer?

What happens if the customer's offer has already been used or is a duplicate?

What is my offer approval code?

When a customer uses a offer, do I apply the donation to their discount?

How do I sign into MyBusiness account to manage my ads?

I forgot my username and/or password to access MyBusiness account, how do I reset it?

How do I track and approve donations used at my business?