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Who Is The MOST Generous?

Updated: January 2, 2015

No doubt about it - small business! They support the local festivals, the local causes, the local arts, the local schools and, well, most everything local!


As we shopped for gifts for our loved ones during the holidays, when we shopped big box stores, at checkout, we were asked to make a donation to a national cause. We thought, "Gee, why don't they make a contribution in honor of our purchase? How do we know our donation made it? What about giving back to the schools and causes in my community?" Guess they leave it up to small businesses to support what is MOST important in the community...




That's why Go Buy Local created a way for small businesses to donate to local schools and causes their customers love to honor their patronage! Plus, it's completely transparent. So customers know where they shopped, the donation they earned from the small business, and the school or cause that will receive the donation. And then it's all shared socially right in your community!


Small business, as a whole, are the most generous givers in the world - have you hugged a small business owner today? Be sure to thank them for caring about your town next time you stop into your favorite small business!


This op-ed is brought to you by © Go Buy Local®, an organization dedicated to buy local initiatives that empower community sustainability. To learn more about how you can contribute to sustainability in your community, please visit the Go Buy Local Blog.