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What our Local Business Partners are saying about Go Buy Local...

Go Buy Local is all about supporting local community & giving back; benefiting education & civic groups; and making your marketing dollars work for you... as a direct response vehicle consistent with current celebrations and keeps aligned with my operational goals. As an independently owned retail business, I have been committed to providing resources to local groups. Go Buy Local provides structure that gives attention & recognition to that responsibility. The web-based technology platform enables communication with local organizations, end users, and the business to cost effectively manage more on-line retail presence, promotional offers, & customer interactions. All of this made possible by the Go Buy Local support team that keeps the goals in focus and the mechanics moving forward.

– Rick Weber, Owner, Hudson Bagel & Coffee Co, Hudson WI

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Small business advertising can be tricky sometimes. At Valley Services (as a small business), we needed to figure out where we can get the most value out of our advertising dollars. Go Buy Local really stood out... to us because of their giving nature. We are involved in various charity organizations and giving back is important to us. When we heard that 10% of Go Buy Local money goes back to the schools, we were hooked! They market directly to the consumer with easy communication because of Facebook and Twitter. Go Buy Local interacts with the small businesses and the community members on Facebook daily. This allows us to make relationships and connections with the community members! Thanks Go Buy Local!

– Bryan Corbett, Valley Services, Hudson WI

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It has been a pleasure to work with Go Buy Local over the past year. Your attention to detail and client service has been great. From marketing strategies, to timely graphics execution... , to emailing my monthly offer to my customers and posting our offers on Facebook/Twitter… Go Buy Local is a real package offer. Not only have you increased Bruegger's awareness; but, coupon redemption has been steady. We also enjoyed participating in the Hudson School District check presentation this past November. Giving back to the community is important to Bruegger's. We have also participated in the Go Buy Local Gives program and are pleased to help the local Hudson causes as well. To me, it is important to keep local dollars benefiting our Hudson community.

Through your efforts to strengthen the small business community, the schools and offer offers to our customers, Hudson will be a stronger community!

– Buddy Longen, Bruegger's Bagels, Hudson WI

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The thing I appreciate the most about Go Buy Local is that my local community representative works hard at keeping my business - and my town - in the limelight... . Her tireless efforts on social media, as well as her presence at public events, has kept our Go Buy Local efforts in front of customers. The monthly coupon sheets have really made an impact - customers regularly use them at my business and the others in town. I know I do! But I think the thing that makes all of us proud is the amount we are giving back to our local schools. It's hard to run a business and still find ways to contribute. Go Buy Local makes it so easy!

– Roseann Meehan Kermes, Rosebud's Cottage, White Bear Lake MN

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I'm always amazed and impressed by how much you do for and care about the White Bear Lake community. As a small business owner, I am so thankful to have you on our team. It's great knowing that we... have partnered with such an admirable organization. Thank you again for the hard work and effort you put into strengthening our brand.

–Tonya Wilson, Local Business, White Bear Lake MN

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This organization gave $2,500 to local schools ~ help support our community! Shop Local!

– Tom Frazer, Frazer Automotive, White Bear Lake MN

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What consumers are saying about Go Buy Local...

Here are some great coupons to use in White Bear Lake, MN!

– Janelle Kostuch Tessier, White Bear Lake Consumer, White Bear Lake MN

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Great local offers that support local charities.

– Ted Kozlowski, Stillwater MN

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Check out the Hudson's local shops, offers, coupons & events.

– Denise Elke Cruz, Hudson WI

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Think Global, Go Buy Local! Love the new name :-)

– Melissa Porter, Hudson WI

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Great idea!

– Luethmers, River Falls WI

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cause partners

We value our business relationship with Go Buy Local because it offers our nonprofit the opportunity to advertise and promote our organization with very cost effective rates. Also, the outreach to all areas of our community by Ann and Go Buy Local is another benefit we realize. As a nonprofit, we look for partners who are also giving back to community such as Go Buy Local. We fully support Go Buy Local!

– Kathy Blegen-Huntley, Assistant Director, White Bear Center for the Arts

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On behalf of the animals we’re working so hard to help, and all of us at St. Croix Animal Friends, thank you so much for the Go Buy Local donation!... We were thrilled and honored to receive this wonderful gift and we really appreciate your support of our work on behalf of homeless animals. We will use your gift to support our animal programs and work to build a much needed animal shelter in St. Croix County. Thank you again for thinking of us. Your “shop local, give local” program is an incredible benefit to the community!

– Judy Webster for St. Croix Animal Friends

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school partners

Go Buy Local came to our school this week and gave us a check! Thanks Go Buy Local and all your partner business for supporting Hudson schools! LOVE the coupons too!

– Hudson Middle School Parent Group, Hudson WI

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Dear Go Buy Local, Thank you for the gracious donation to our school. We appreciate the support!

– Hudson Middle School Parent Group, Hudson WI

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I wanted to extend our thanks to yourself and your organization for the support of the students at Willow River Elementary through your organization. Having you visit the recent... parent group meeting explained your program, opportunities and vision very well. We look forward to working with you moving forward! Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated!

– Jessica Bratsch, Hudson Willow River Elementary School, Hudson WI

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The Renaissance students and staff would like to thank you for your donation, it is greatly appreciated.

– Signed by All Students, Staff, Faculty at Renaissance Academy, River Falls WI

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fundraising partners

What our Fundraising Partners are saying about MAX eCard...

I am SOOOOO glad you are doing this! I hope that more schools and other organizations use this for their fund raising. Simple. Quick. Where were you years ago??? Thank you,... thank you, THANK YOU!

– Mags Fay Coulson

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birthday club

What our Local Business Partners are saying about Go Buy Local's Birthday Club...

Go Buy Local has always been a GREAT advocate and support – thank you!!

– Roberta Bonoff, Creative Kidstuff President & CEO, Minneapolis, MN

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Our young customers love getting their birthday club mad money!! Getting to spend their own "money" is so fun! They get to buy that special little something they've had their eyes... on from many of their previous journeys in our stores.

– Jenny, CKS Store Manager, Maple Grove, MN

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