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Beyond Sustainability

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Go Buy Local believes in the power that local businesses have to sustain communities. Buying local keeps more money in your community, which adds to the overall well-being of your town. Go Buy Local contributes to this sustainability by driving sales to our local business partners, giving back to local schools and causes, and providing a fundraising service for local clubs, teams, schools, and causes.

Looking back in time, small businesses have contributed more jobs, more innovation, and more generosity than any other segment of commerce in the United States. Did you know that small businesses create 75% of new jobs in the U.S., and pay 44% of the payroll? Best of all, small businesses do all of this while keeping your money local! On average, 68% of every dollar you spend at small businesses stays local, as opposed to 42% at national chains and 0% with online shopping. Small businesses promote sustainability by keeping dollars where they belong –in your town!

The world is rapidly changing and unfortunately, small businesses are falling behind. An astounding 18,000 small businesses close per year in the U.S. –our mission is to significantly reduce that number! More and more, business is being taken online, and social media is becoming an imperative part of any effective marketing campaign. Many small businesses are not up-to-date on these practices, or do not have the resources or time to do them- that's where we come in.

In spite of a tough economy, small businesses in communities with "buy local" initiatives saw stronger revenue gains than those in communities without a "buy local" push. On average, 55% of local businesses say it improved their loyalty of their existing customers and 47% say it brought new customers to their business.

Go Buy Local provides an effective marketing platform for local businesses that drives sales through online offers, email campaigns, social media, in-market, print-marketing, and more! We enable businesses to reach out to a broader range of consumers through increasingly popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We engage with the community at local events, getting the word out about sustainability through buying local. Most importantly, we work alongside our local business partners, collaborating with them, in order to keep them one step ahead of the game in both online and print marketing.

How we keep dollars in your town!

Our Go Buy Local marketing services promote shopping at local businesses by getting their ad and offer in front of consumers in their community. Our ads also act as a website-increasing the business's visibility- but it doesn't stop there! We use online email campaigns, social media, in-market and print-marketing to advertise for our local business partners. We work with our partners to reach their target market in the community, and drive sales to their businesses. We also give 10% of our ad sales revenue back to the community. Since opening in October 2010, we have donated over $100,000 to local schools and causes on behalf of our local business partners.

We make donations work for our local business partners through our cause-marketing program, Go Buy Local Offers+Donations. Today's consumers pay attention to local businesses that give local, and it's important for doing good to become a part of our local business partners' brands. When customers use our offers with a heart and spend the noted amount of money, the business donates to the school or cause that the customer selected. With Go Buy Local Offers+Donations the consumer saves money, the business increases sales, and the nonprofit or school receives funds- it's a win-win-win!

And if that's not enough, our Go Buy Local MAX eCard fundraising service enables schools, teams, clubs and causes to raise money while sustaining their town with great offers from local businesses. Through this fundraiser, the group sells the Go Buy Local MAX eCard, which unlocks tons of offers in the community, all with a value of at least 25% OFF! Cardholders can go online at any time to access their offers, and print them off at their convenience. The Go Buy Local MAX eCard places our business partners' offers directly in the hands of the community, while the group keeps 100% of sales.

Shop. Save. Sustain Your Community!

At Go Buy Local, we think local first, and give you the tools to sustain your community-and there's something in it for you! When you use our offers at gobuylocal.com, not only do you contribute to sustainability- you save money too!

There are many different ways for you to buy local. Consider doing your grocery shopping at a family-owned store, farmers market or switch some of your holiday spending from big-box retailers to local boutiques where you are sure to find a unique gift. Let your town mechanic take care of your car troubles, or let the local stylist cut and color your hair- the possibilities are endless! Click here for the top ten reasons to buy local. Remember that 68% of your dollar spent at local businesses stays in your community- funding community education, new roads, ----- and more! Go Buy Local makes it easy for you to find and shop at local businesses in your town, and we give you some pretty great offers-for FREE! Just head to gobuylocal.com, select your community, and you're ready to start saving!

Get the word out!

Sustain your community- grab the "I buy local" badge or banner for your site or Facebook page. Let your friends know that you are committed to buying local, and encourage them to get offers and do good in your community today!

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