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How do I approve mobile offers?


Watch this video to learn how to approve mobile offers right from your customer's mobile device or using your MyBusiness app.



To approve mobile offers:

1) Scan Barcode: open your MyBusiness app, click "scan barcode" on your app and on the customer's device. Then scan the barcode with your mobile device presented on the customer's offer.

2) Enter Serial #: open your MyBusiness app or go online to your MyBusiness account @ www.gobuylocal.com/mybusiness. Click "enter serial #" on your app or online, and on the customer's mobile device. Then enter the serial # presented on the offer into your app or online.

3) Enter Approval Code: your 4-digit offer approval code is assigned to each of your business locations. Click "enter approval code" on the customer's mobile device and enter your special 4-digit code. To find or change your code, go to your MyBusiness account online @ www.gobuylocal.com/mybusiness.

4) Approve Anyway: if you do not want to use any of the above to approve your offer, simply click "approve anyway" on your customers device to instantly approve the deal.