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Go Buy Local for MyNonprofit FAQ

How does Go Buy Local for MyNonprofit work?

Learn more about our program here.

How do I sign up my 501(c)(3)?

It’s FREE to sign up! Click here to tell us a little about you and the school or cause you represent.

Is there a limit to the amount of funds we can raise?

There is no limit.

Are there any restrictions on how our 501(c)(3) can use the donations earned through Go Buy Local for MyNonprofit?

All donations earned must be used for charitable purposes within the community served by the eligible 501(c)(3) and cannot be used for political, legal, or administrative purposes.

Does Go Buy Local take a portion of donations earned?

As you know, most fundraising programs keep more than half the money raised, and often much more. To keep the money local and to maximize your fundraising income, Go Buy Local cuts the cost to fundraise to zero. Your 501(c)(3) keeps all the donations earned, 100% - we don’t keep a penny! We encourage customers to buy local, save money, strengthen local businesses and earn donations for your local school or cause – all at the same time!

How does my 501(c)(3) receive donations earned?

  1. When accumulated funds for each individual eligible 501(c)(3) reaches $50 or more, the earned donations are distributed within 45 days after being collected from participating businesses.
  2. Earned donations are automatically deposited to the ACH account of each 501(c)(3) or check is mailed within 30 days of the close of the month and email notification is sent to primary contact for the 501(c)(3).
  3. At the time that each 501(c)(3) reaches their goal or other milestone, donations may be distributed by Go Buy Local and/or our local news partner and all participating Go Buy Local businesses at a “check” presentation.
  4. Semi-annually, all undistributed funds will be sent out to the individual 501(c)(3).

Is the site secure – will you protect our 501(c)(3) and our supporters’ privacy?

We are transparent in how we help local communities and protect your privacy, see our privacy policy here.

I’ve lost my username and/or password, how do I sign in?

If you lost your username/email, please contact us.

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Other Questions? Contact: mynonprofit@gobuylocal.com