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Get Offers + Earn Donations With Every Purchase!

Updated: January 10, 2015


Yes, when you buy gifts, groceries, gas and more using Go Buy Local offers in your community - you save and local businesses donate to the school or cause you love! We call it Social Gifting. It's easy, and FREE! Sign up and get offers all over the Twin Cities - from over 1,000 local businesses!



Every time you save on your purchase, you earn donations with Go Buy Local. Like, save $5 on groceries and earn a $1 donation, $5 off pet food and earn 50¢, or $3 off a large pizza and earn 50¢ - just think of all the money you'll save, and raise for your favorite school or cause!


As Bill Veeneman, president & CEO says, "Our local businesses want to help you keep your money local and give back to what's important to you." Find your community and go buy local today!


This op-ed is brought to you by © Go Buy Local®, an organization dedicated to buy local initiatives that empower community sustainability. To learn more about how you can contribute to sustainability in your community, please visit the Go Buy Local Blog.