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We Support Local News

Updated: December 30, 2014

Probably goes without saying, but who's going to help publicize local events at little or no cost? Who's going to keep us informed about what's happening in our community? Well, hopefully, the same people who've been doing it for the past 100 years - your local news service!




Consistent with our sustainability commitment, Go Buy Local works with local media to help them earn revenue so that they can keep providing these great services in your town! That's why we are proud to announce we've partnered with local news sources in Stillwater, MN - The Gazette, in Hopkins and St. Louis Park, MN - Sun Sailor, in Crystal, MN - Sun Post, and in Central St. Croix County, WI - Central St. Croix News.


We hope to announce more local media partners as we continue to open in new communities and hope you will join us in supporting them!


This op-ed is brought to you by © Go Buy Local®, an organization dedicated to buy local initiatives that empower community sustainability. To learn more about how you can contribute to sustainability in your community, please visit the Go Buy Local Blog.